Cemetery Symbolism–Religious


Religious symbolism is one of the most common sets of symbols found in a cemetery. Angels, anchors, crosses, books, and even Bible verses in pictorial form. Please take a look at our recently added page with religious symbolism images. A few highlights can be found below:

Alpha and Omega, Chi Rho, IHS

This Celtic cross has the symbols Alpha/Omega which means the beginning and the end. At the top a disguised IHS, and the P with an X at the bottom is the Chi Rho cross.

Cross, Anchor, Heart - Faith, Hope, Charity

Anchors are the Christian symbol for hope and steadfastness and may also symbolize a mariner. A cross with an anchor and heart symbolizes faith, hope and charity.

Ecclesiastes 12.6-7

Depiction of the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 12.6-7 which includes a wheel with a broken cord, a broken pitcher, a shattered bowl and water representing the well or spring.

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