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Angel Carrying Baby - Thorvaldsen Day

This site is about all of the artistic and interesting finds in cemeteries. Elaborate marble sculptures, detailed cast-iron gates and fences, unusual tombstones and their symbolism. Posts are made as time permits without any regular schedule. You will notice their are no ads or sponsors. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions.

Cemetery Symbolism Hand with Broken Chain, Drapery

Iconography or Symbolism

The symbolism found on tombstones is what started my interest in cemeteries. Why would someone put a finger pointing down on their tombstone? Why would someone put a woman on fire on their tombstone? What’s up with the missing chain link?

Improved Order of Red Men (IORM), (FF&C), T.O.T.E.


Acronyms are typically for a club or fraternal organization and may tell you a little bit about the interred. This can be of interest when researching your genealogy. For instance, an NS-DAR insignia means your relative was a Daughter of the American Revolution and their is a treasure trove of lineage information in the NS-DAR archives.

Dr. Edward Gantt, Signature

Carvers and Quarries

Signed, marble tombstones and memorials are covered, especially early Alabama marble carvers and quarries. This area will expand as research continues.

Burial Hill Cemetery

Top Cemeteries

The cemeteries that I have found most interesting are generally older cemeteries and some of the rural cemeteries such as Spring Grove in Cincinnati, Ohio. This list will continue to grow!

Alva Vanderbilt Belmont Mausoleum


Architecture includes structures of interest such as mausoleums, cast-iron accoutrements, and various tomb styles.

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