Magnificent Mausoleums

Hudson Mausoleum
Couzen Mausoleum
Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan

Hudson Mausoleum

The Hudson Mausoleum in Detroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery.

J.L. Hudson (1846-1912), department store magnate, died of pneumonia in England. The Hudson department stores became the third largest in the U.S. in 1927, behind Macy’s and Marshall Field’s.

Imposing Egyptians

The F.W. Woolworth Mausoleum in New York is almost an exact replica of the Emil Winter Mausoleum in Pittsburgh.

Both were the work of Jefferson Memorial designer John Russell Pope. Though the sphinx are typically thought of as Egyptian, the females (as these clearly are), are a Greek adaptation.

Alva Vanderbilt Belmont Mausoleum

Alva Vanderbilt Belmont Mausoleum Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York

Complete with gargoyles, the Belmont mausoleum is an almost exact full-scale replica of the Chapel of Saint-Hubert in the Queens section of Chateau Amboise in France. The Chapel was designed by Leonardo DaVinci in the “Gothic Flamboyant” style.

Bostwick, Mausoleum

Bostwick Mausoleum

Jabez Abel Bostwick (1830-1892) was the first treasurer and partner with John D. Rockefeller with the Standard Oil Company. According to Find A Grave, he died while trying to rescue horses from a stable fire on his estate.

Johnston Mausoleum

Johnston Mausoleum

Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, Georgia

The final resting place of William Butler Johnston (1809-1887) and his wife Ann Clarke Tracy (1829-1896.)

Johnston obtained his wealth in banking, railroads and public utility investments.

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