Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama

Angels Magnolia Cemetery

The Magnolia Cemetery, established in 1836, in Mobile, Alabama is rich in symbolism. Beautiful, white marble tombstones and mausoleums are abundant in their 120 acres with over 50,000 burials.


A beautiful angel with a floral wreath marks the grave of Mary Crowley (1875-1900.)

Angels Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery has an abundance of marble angels and other marble funerary art.

Angels Magnolia Cemetery

Angels depicted with an open book are typically recording good deeds.

Cherubs, Magnolia Cemetery

Four Nott children who perished of yellow fever in 1853 are represented with cherubs.


This cute cherub marks the grave of Estelle Medicus (1921-1923) and is similar to the famous LeBlanc cherubs.

Flaming Urn

This footed, flaming urn tops the grave of George Gaines Lyon, M.D.

Confederate Monument

This confederate monument was carved by Matthew J. Lawler, noted sculptor of Mobile. Confederate rest, in the older portion of the cemetery, contains over 1,100 burials.

Dove with All Seeing Eye
Carved by Turner
Magnolia Cemetery
Mobile, Alabama

An ascending dove with an all-seeing eye surrounded by a cloud and sun rays top the grave of Mary Maria Hardaway.

Workingmens Timber And Cotton Association

This statue was carved for the Workingman’s Timber and Cotton Association. There are several elaborate association lots in Magnolia including Baymen’s Benevolent Association and Woodmen of the World.

McDonald Lot

William McDonald was the father of Thomas W. McDonald and Daniel McDonald, proprietors of McDonald, March and Co. Many of the marble tombstones in Magnolia were carved by this talented enterprise.

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