Symbolism — Geometric

Geometric symbolism in the cemetery includes balls or orbs, knots, arches, stars and more.

Sleeping child with rose arch and dove


The arch is symbolic of triumph or victory. Arches symbolize a passageway or door into the unknown–journey to heaven.

Circle -- wedding rings


Two Circles entwined represent marriage. Anything circular is endless and may represent eternity. Since the circle has no beginning or end it may symbolize resurrection.

Cemetery Symbolism Knot


The Celtic Knot, woven from a single thread, symbolizes resurrection and eternity and is frequently found on a Celtic Cross in the cemetery. They are believed to have represented faith to the Irish, declare unity between people to protect against evil spirits.

Meander Symbol


A meander is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. The symbolism is primarily decorative and is also called the Greek fret or Greek key design.

Orb or Ball

Orb or Ball

The Orb or stone ball is primarily decorative. Three balls together may symbolize money like a pawn shop. Anything circular is endless and may represent eternity.

Quatrefoil with Lamb


The quatrefoil is composed of four equal lobes, like a four-petaled flower. Used for good luck — similar to the four-leaf clovers.

Spiral on Mausoleum Door


The single spiral symbolizes the concept of growth, expansion and cosmic energy depending on the culture. It represented the sun in ancient Ireland.



Stars are frequently used as religious symbols and represent divine guidance. See acronyms for the OES or Order of the Eastern Star which is a five-pointed star.

Star of David

Star–Six Pointed

Also known as the Star of David, the six-pointed star symbolizes divine protection, and is typically used as symbol of Judaism.

Triangle with radiating rays of light


The Trefoil is composed of three equal, joined circles which generally represent the Trinity to Christians. The triangle also represents the Trinity.