About Me

About Me

Hi! My name is Kim Jacobson and I live in Michigan. I enjoy stomping about in old cemeteries, taking photographs and learning new things. I especially like the old slate tombstones in New England and white marble statuary and tombstones. Below are some of my current interests.

Little Samuel

Little Samuel, zinc

I have been collecting information and photos of the statue I call “Little Samuel” also known as Samuel in Prayer.

Photographing unique tombstones

Hogg, Story Stone, Drowning

I submitted a few articles to the Association for Gravestone Studies related to what I call “Story Stones.”

My favorites are the stones that depict the story with intricate detail as seen in the image at left.

James Hogg, Allegheny Cemetery, drowned on the ship Arctic – you can see his shipmates trying to revive him at the bottom, right.


Greene County and Mesopotamia Cemetery

I spent a lot of time on genealogy in Greene County, Alabama and ended up transcribing most of the older cemeteries with my sister. I became intrigued when photographing Mesopotamia Cemetery and ended up writing a book under Arcadia Publishing about the interred and local history called Greene County and Mesopotamia Cemetery.

If I could find a co-author, I’d love to do another Arcadia book on Hale County and the Greensboro Cemetery. Any takers?

Signed Marble Tombstones

Willow carved by Alexander Herd

I have been collecting information about nineteenth century marble carvers, primarily in Alabama, as well as the quarries that they discovered in the early 1800s.

The tombstone at left is in the Mesopotamia Cemetery and was carved by Alexander Herd of Eutaw, Alabama.

Cast-Iron in the Cemetery

Cast-Iron Fence

I love the old, wrought iron fences and gates and hope cemeteries are able to continue to maintain them so they don’t disappear in the south, as they have in the north. One of my current obsessions is with just about anything iron in the graveyard–grave covers, cast iron tombstones, monuments and even cast-iron mausoleums.

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