Bonaventure and Laurel Grove Cemeteries, Savannah, Georgia

Angel with Palm Frond

Marie M Barclay Taliaferro (1858-1893)

Angel with Palm Frond,
Bonaventure Cemetery


Louisa Alexander Porter (1807-1888)

Angel, Laurel Grove Cemetery North

Winged Hourglass on Fence

Winged Hourglass, Laurel Grove Cemetery North

Mason, Compass

Mason’s Compass on Gate of Mason’s Lot, Laurel Grove Cemetery North

Lyre, fence

Lyre on gate of Thomas M. Turner, Laurel Grove Cemetery North

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

Statue of Niobe

Corinne Elliott Lawton (1846-1877)
Died on her wedding day.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Book, trefoil

Open Book,
Laurel Grove Cemetery North

Marble Carver J.M. Baird


Gracie Watson (1882-1889), Bonaventure Cemetery

Marble carver John Walz

Live oak

Live Oaks, Bonaventure Cemetery

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