Cemetery Symbolism–Plants and Flowers

Angel with Palm Frond

A new page introducing plant and flower symbolism has been added that includes a variety of plant symbolism photos. Plant symbolism portrays meanings such as a broken stem for a life cut short or a sheaf of wheat for a long life. While some plants are simply decorative, most convey a deeper meaning and were purposefully chosen for the departed.

From the top menu select “Symbolism–Flora” to view.

Flower Bouquet

Flowers represent life’s frailty–the brevity of life. A bouquet represents life cut short; grief.

Angel with Flower Basket

A basket of flowers represents nature’s blessing. A tipped basket represents life’s end. A basket my be simply decorative.

Flower Basket, Calla Lily and Ferns

The Lily is a symbol of innocence and purity. The white lily is used to symbolize the resurrection of Christ and restoration of innocence of the soul. It is used at funerals to symbolize the restoration of innocence of the soul. The fern is a symbol of Humility, solitude and sincerity. Lily of the Valley is for purity and innocence. Return of Happiness.

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