Cemetery Symbolism–Plants

Willow with Praying Angel
Cemetery Symbolism Flower Basket, Calla Lilies, Tree Stump

Plants are a very common motif on tombstones throughout the world, though their meanings are not always so obvious.

A small selection of plants are shown below with more on the Symbolism–Plants page.

Corn, Grapes

Corn is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. Corn (maize) represents all the people as well as all the things in the universe for Native Americans.


Poppies represent rest, sleep, peace, and immortality.

Rose bud

A fully opened Rose may indicate that the deceased died in the prime of life. The rose also signifies love, beauty and condolence. A rose bud symbolizes a life cut short and is most often found on the graves of children. A rose with a broken stem represents a life cut short. A fully opened rose with a broken stem represents the death of a mature adult.

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