Haas and Heins Cast-Iron Cemetery Fencing

Haas and Heins, cast iron, gate, fence

Reuben Haas and George L. Heins were partners in “Heins & Co.” also known as “Philadelphia Iron Works” located on Twelfth Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the mid-1850s. They advertised railings, doors, shutters and “all kinds of builder’s iron work.” One of their Agent’s early advertisements stated that they “pay particular attention to enclosing Cemetery lots, and and parks, having the largest assortments of Patterns of any establishment in the country, are enabled to please the most fastidious in taste.”

Haas and Heins dissolved their partnership in 1855 when George Heins died at the age of 43. After George’s death, Reuben partnered with George’s 18 year old son John Heins under the name of Haas & Heins. George left his share of the business to his son in his Will dated August 1855, as his son had stepped in for him when he became sick. The assets of Philadelphia Iron Works were sold at auction in Philadelphia in 1873.

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Haas and Heins Makers, Cast-Iron, Fence, Gate

Haas & Heins Makers Mark,
Purnell Lot,
Old Live Oak Cemetery
Selma, Alabama

Haas and Heins Makers

Philadelphia Iron Works advertisement in The Charleston Daily Courier (Charleston, South Carolina) · 15 Mar 1856

Haas and Heins, Fence maker, Cast Iron, Gate

Purnell Lot Gate
Old Live Oak Cemetery
Selma, Alabama

Symbolism: Hourglass, Oak Leaves, Acorns

E S Jones Gate

E. S. Jones Lot Gate,
Old Live Oak Cemetery,
Selma, Alabama

Symbolism: ShellFlaming Urn

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