Tombstone Acronyms

KofC Knights of Columbus

Please visit our new page defining common cemetery or tombstone acronyms. Acronyms cover a variety of topics, including membership such as the Knights of Columbus and Freemasons, as well as occupations such as the BLE or Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. A few interesting acronyms are highlighted below. Also see post Masonic Symbolism in the Cemetery.

Independent Order Of the Odd Fellows (IOOF), (FLT) All Seeing Eye, Clasped Hands

FLT, the motto for the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows, stands for Friendship, Love and Truth . Odd Fellows are also known as the three link fraternity. Symbolism related to Odd Fellows includes the All Seeing Eye, clasped hands and the radiating sun. The female counterpart to the IOOF is the Daughters of Rebekah (FLTR) with symbols such as the beehive, a bird, a lily, seven stars in a crescent moon, and the letter R.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BofLE), (BLE)

Lawrence A. Caudle was a member of Div. 136 B of L E, which is an acronym for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. His tombstone, complete with a locomotive is in the Marble City Cemetery in Sylacauga, Alabama.

Mason Royal Arch (HTWSSTKS)

HTWSSTKS is an acronym for “Hiram, Tyrian, Widow’s Son Sent to King Solomon” and is found on a keystone of Royal Arch Masons.

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